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Aug 8

Remembering Sylvia Harris. Her work will continue to inspire an make an impact.

This video is from her talk during World Usability Day 2010. 

Sylvia Harris tribute page

UPA NYC Event: World Usability Day 2010

Last fall, I attended the UPA NYC World Usability 2010 event. Guests speakers included John Hockenberry (from syndicated media and journalism) and Sylvia Harris (NYC’s ‘public designer’ from visual design and citizen advocacy).

I liked the overall sense of urgency of solving usability problems in both presentations. Taking existing and future problems and solving them now. Both presentations were really engaging and fun. I liked that Hockenberry led an interactive discussion ‘Are you a citizen Usability Expert?’ We looked at the recent election ballot…If you have two minutes with election commissioner, what woud you say? People shared their ideas of what would make it better/easier to use.

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